Christmas Silverware Spoon Set

Christmas Silverware Spoon Set

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Every Christmas feast needs some festive cutlery

Crimbi is the finishing touch the dinner table is missing for this Christmas! Made by Santa’s elves, our spoon set will charm and delight you with its festive look!

Each spoon has its own little ornament at its tip, there are a lot of cute ornaments to choose from. Finely crafted, Crimbi is made to serve you for decades to come.

The smallest things can make a big difference, Crimbi prove that you don’t need anything fancy to bring joy to the table! Buy one for everyone who needs their festive spirit lit!

Why Crimbi are for you

Elven craftsmanship- Crimbi’s stainless steel will never wear out. Your eternal Christmas cutlery will always be there to decorate the dinner table!

Add to the festive mood- The tips of the spoons are neatly decorated with all manner of cute ornaments that brighten the festive mood!

For a wholesome holiday- Tiny but full of charm, our set makes Christmas all the more merrier with its look, feel and shiny colors!

Crimbi is the ultimate choice- This Christmas can be a tad more special with the right cutlery in hand during the holiday feasts!

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