Mini Cool™️- Portable Air Conditioner

Mini Cool™️- Portable Air Conditioner

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Stay Cool With Mini Cool™️- Your Mini AC That Keeps You Cool, Calm, ANd Collected All Summer Long

Are you tired of sweating bullets and don't have any access to air conditioning? After today that problem will just be a thing of the past. Introducing Mini Cool™️- The air conditioner that goes with you anywhere you go and keeps you cool at all times.

Easy to operate and simple to use. Simply pour some cool water into the slot and you're good to go. Comes with a one-key operation for the thermostat so you can control the air temperature and adjust it to your liking.

Equipped with an LED lamp that interchanges between seven different colors. Giving a more unique and vibrant feel the atmosphere

Portable and compact design let you take this thing anywhere. Perfect for road trips, camping trips, or even when you're in the office or at home with no AC. The Mini Cool™️ is perfect for all occasions. Simply Use the USB to charge it up and it's good to go for at least 8 hours before needing another charge.

What really makes this product so popular and high in demand is its convenience and easy operation that you just can't seem to get with a traditional air conditioner. The Mini Cool™️ is convenient, portable and a must-have if you want to stay cool in the hot heat all summer long. Get yours today so you can stay cool this season.


Portable- The compact design makes it easy for storage and lets you take it anywhere. Whether you're on a road trip, at home or in the office you can use the Mini Cool anywhere and everywhere.

Easy To Operate- One-key operation makes it a breeze to use and simple enough to operate. Making it easy to work without any complicated instructions. 

Changes Colors- Making it unique and one of a kind. Changes into seven different colors while it's running. Giving it a super cool look and feel to the atmosphere.

Adjustable Thermostat- Allowing you to control the air temperature. Which means if you like it a little warmer or a little cooler you can adjust it to any temperature that best suits your needs.

Easy Maintenance- Doesn't sweat, mold or leave behind residue buildup on the teeth of the cooler. Simply give it a dust off at the end of the week and clean the filter where you put the water in and it's good as new. Making it easier to maintain versus your traditional fan.

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