PuffPearl Dip Nail Container

PuffPearl Dip Nail Container

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Your glitter nail operation kit

Finishing off your nail style with glitter can get messy and annoying! PuffPearl makes the process seamlessly easy to help you shine without wasting product or making a mess!

Apply your glitter just above PuffPearl and you won’t waste a sparkle! Easily reuse the leftovers using the spoon to make use of all the products at your disposal.

You can repeat the process until you achieve a look you are proud of without scattering the glitter around. Perfect your glitter finish with the help of PuffPearl!

Why PuffPearl is for you

Shinier than ever- Achieve your shiniest look ever by easily sprinkling the glitter on your nails until you get the look you want!

Not a sparkle wasted- Make use of all the glitter you have without spilling it around to always get your money’s worth!

Mess-free operations- Create a safe space where you can apply glitter without making a mess you’ll have to clean up after!

PuffPearl is the ultimate choice- Get the perfect finish for your nails without wasting products or having to clean a mess!


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