Remote Control Bouncing Camera Car
Remote Control Bouncing Camera Car

Remote Control Bouncing Camera Car

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The pinnacle RC toy technology

TitanRex is what next-gen toys will look like in near future! It’s built to move through any terrain and record stunning imagery at high speed during so day and night!

Its core is the toughest, it holds an HD camera and LED lights, perfect for cruises in the dark! TitanRex is the first RC car that can bounce at 80cm to hop over the competition!

When the path gets narrower so can its size, the wheels can contract and expand with a push of a button to help TitanRex move through anything to get its target.

All of this and many cooler moves can be done using your phone as a remote for maximum convenience. TitanRex can get to any place and capture it in its full detail!

Why TitanRex is for you

Doesn’t miss the action- Create your own high-speed scene in crystal imagery. Turn the lights on at night, to record masterfully at any time!

Better than a racecar- TitanRex is not only built for high speed but for the rocky road! In one push it jumps 80cm high in the air to hop over any obstacle.

The control is yours- Everything from quick turning, hopping, accelerating and even adjusting the car’s length can be done from the remote app on your phone!

TitanRex is the ultimate choice- There is nowhere you can hide from TitanRex! Our next-gen spy car provides you with the ultimate high-speed adventure!

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