Solar Charge™️- Solar Powerbank

Solar Charge™️- Solar Powerbank

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Never Get Lost Without A Charge Using Solar Charge™️- The Faster And Easiest Way To Charge Your Phone When You're With Mother Nature

Tired of walking around on your hike trail and your phone dies out on you? or when you're at an outdoor event and there's not an outlet in sight? Luckily for you, we've found out a way that you can stay charged up all day without even plugging it up to a wall. Introducing the Solar Charge™️- The power bank that keeps your phone charged all day and saves the environment all at once.

Made with ultralight yet super compact build that makes it easy to fold up and down and simple to carry around. Makes for easy organization when you're traveling with a bunch of stuff on your hiking trip.

Comes with a choice of five panels or four panels that fold out and attaches to your backpack. Giving you better sun exposure so that you can charge your devices twice as fast.

 Made with a 600d waterproof PVC canvas that's also heat and impact resistant. Which means even in the harshest and hottest of weather conditions this thing will work perfectly without getting any water or sun damage.

What's really amazing about this charger that has our repeat customers constantly writing us back about is its convenience and solar charging capabilities that make enjoying the outdoors much better. Get yours today so you can keep your phone charged.


Unique Design- Is what makes it stand out the most. Folds out and blends right in with your bag without it looking noticeable. Making it not only unique in its function but its appearance as well.

Faster Charging- Made with larger panels that instantly soaks up the sun and charges your device in as little as an hour. Making it a breeze to charge your devices faster so you can have a charge that can last you all day. 

Charge More Than One Device At A Time- Charges two at once and charges it fast. Allowing you to charge up to at least 5 devices in two hours on average

Highly Durable- Water and impact resistant build makes this thing durable against any weather and tough as nails. Making it the reliable hiking buddy you wish you had all along.


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