Waterproof Winter Gloves
Waterproof Winter Gloves

Waterproof Winter Gloves

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The ultimate gloves for harsh weather

Staying active in the winter gets hard when everything becomes cold and wet. But in Winjov’s waterproof thermal isolation your fingers will never experience winter’s wrath.

You can enjoy constant warmth at up to -20º and complete isolation from water. Aside from protective, Winjov are so elastic, you can practice sports and drive easily in them.

There is no other glove that provides so much freedom and protection at such an affordable price. Put on Winjov and you’ll be prepared for everything the winter has to offer!

Why Winjov are for you

For the extreme- Winjov are waterproof and provide thermal isolation at up to -20º. Even in the harshest weather, your fingers will be protected.

Stay agile and active- Because of their elastic and anti-slip design, Winjov are perfect for winter sport and driving in snowy or rainy conditions.

You won’t notice them- Each finger is recognized by touchscreen displays. Winjov are so light you and your phone won’t even notice them.

Winjov are the ultimate choice- Unlike other thermal gloves, Winjov won’t stiffen your fingers but make your grip more reliable while keeping your fingers warm and dry.

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